We promote building products to architects.

Innovative and selective 1-to-1 communication combined with a product platform for architects, interior designers, property developers and other decision-makers in the construction industry.

Pluspoint brings building products
to architects.

Pluspoint offers you unique formulas based on 1-to-1 communication by “Archiselect” and the exclusive expo of “RiverEvent”.

These guarantee that your message reaches your target audience in the most efficient and very budget-friendly way.


Archiselect 1-to-1 communication fully responds to the current situation of accessibility, digitalisation and the needs of today’s prescribers!

An exclusive event featuring a construction expo on the water. The target groups are architects, interior designers, property developers and other construction decision-makers

Why Pluspoint.

With more than 40 years of experience in the construction sector, our company is your ideal partner towards target groups such as architects, interior designers, property developers, contractors and other key target groups.

Our team in Belgium consists of 9 people and they use their experience for good results!

Internationally, we are connected to Archipoint in Germany and PlusPoint in The Netherlands.