RiverEvent 2024

An exclusive event for architects on the water.

The target groups are architects, interior designers, property developers and other construction decision-makers


Ghent 16/09
Brussels 18/09
Antwerp 19/09

The Netherlands

Rotterdam 01/10
Amsterdam 02/10
Nijmegen 03/10


Frankfurt 24/09
Cologne 26/09
Düsseldorf 27/09


Pluspoint RiverEvent

75 manufacturers present their latest product, technology or design on board a very exclusive new ship ‘Blue Rhapsody’.

Each day we will dock in a different city where regional architects, interior designers, property developers will come to visit the expo.

The event will go on all day and evening with very high quality and free catering for all. We provide a new level of a construction event.

Days in Belgium
Days in the Netherlands
Days in Germany
Different locations

Blue Rhapsody

  • Built 2019, 85 m length and 11.50 m width, 4 floors.
  • Modern but also timeless with a bow in the shape of an axe.
  • Received the 2019 BEA World Award for the most beautiful venue for events in Milan.
  • Can host 600 guests per session and do so with high-end catering.

Promotions to the visitors

Promotion of the event among architects, interior designers, property developers, … is done by our 5 product consultants at every appointment with presentations, among other things. But also with advertisements in specialised magazines, industry websites and, of course, targeted e-mails. Also, exhibitors receive VIP cards with their logo to distribute.

The stands

Stands are single walls of 2000 mm width x 2300 mm height. Includes images, lighting, …. See plan above.

  • 70 stands with wall arrangement of 2 m length x 2.3 m height
  • 2 large stands (combi for 2 or 3 producers) of 2.5 m length x 1.7 m depth x 2 m height

All stands are equipped with: your images on the wall, storage cabinet, LED lighting, high stool,…

Extra the stand holder can rent a 32-inch audio TV with mounting.

There are standard reinforcements in all walls to fix your products.

The event is open every day from 13:00 to 21:00 with continuous catering. The ship does not sail out.

PlusPoint RiverEvent

A few advantages

  • unique & fun event
  • every day in a different big city at beautiful locations
  • the target group does not have to travel far (no traffic jams or loss of time)
  • attractive all-in stands
  • free and high-quality catering all day long
  • VIP cards with your logo to invite the target group
  • intensive promotion of the event by our 5 architect visitors


Our event ship ‘Blue Rhapsody’ will sail on HVO100 bio-fuel during our Pluspoint River event especially.

HVO100 is a bio-fuel produced from vegetable raw materials. It reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90%, compared to a standard diesel fuel!

This also helps us as Plus Point Marketing improve our carbon footprint.

Pluspoint RiverEvent

in the Netherlands

Rotterdam 1 October - Amsterdam 2 October - Nijmegen 3 October 2024

The same event is also going on in the Netherlands.

Also at the Blue Rhapsody in Rotterdam – Amsterdam – Nijmegen.

There is a special discount if your company participates in all events.

Archipoint RiverCruise

in Germany

Frankfurt 24 September - Cologne 26 September - Düsseldorf 27 September 2024

The same event is also going on in Germany.

Also at the Blue Rhapsody in Frankfurt-Köln-Düsseldorf.

There is a special discount if your company participates in all events.

Meet you on Board !
Meet architects on Board !